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User Registration



  • Luciano Muniz

    How do I call the registrer screen of a certain part of the application so that the user is authenticated before proceeding an action. When click a button, if the user is not logged in, displays a message "Please login to rate this movie", for example.

  • Patrick van Gogh

    When editing the information of a user you see addtional information like "Age group" and "Gender". Is it possible to let the user enter that information?

  • harrywildeboer

    @Luciano You can use {user:email} and use a button with additional visible="AM:Equals([{user:email}],[])" when the user isn't logged in {user:email} is empty and the button is visible! I sent the user by "logic goto" to the block "settings" when the user is logged in the button is not visible!


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