On some occasions it may be necessary to force a store update for the Apple version of your app. Whether that reason is a new Apple OS version that is being released, a bug fix being released by the AppMachine developers, or because you feel it's been too long since your last update, it's good to know that forcing a store update to the Apple App Store can be done easily. 

To force a store update for Apple, please follow these steps:

  1. Click the blue Publish button at the top right of your screen. 
  2. Enable the Force a store update toggle.
  3. Make sure only Apple App Store has a blue checkmark in front (deselect this forced store update for Google unless you'd like a forced store update for Google as well).
  4. Click the Publish Now button in the bottom right corner of the wizard.
  5. Before your app gets published, AppMachine validates if all required information is entered and will notify your if some information is missing. Read more...
  6. You need to enter the What's new information, which is required by Apple for each release, except for your first release.
  7. If you want to change the release date of this version, click Automatically release this version and click Next.
    - automatically:this is the default setting and your app will become available for your customers at the moment that your app is set to Ready for Sale by Apple.
    - Manually release this version :can be used for Unlisted and Enterprise apps too.
    - Automatically release , no earlier than:you can set the specific time you want to have this new version made available
  8. The Publish your App wizard will build your app and publish to Apple it along with the information you entered. When the publishing process has started you can close the Publish your App wizard. You will be informed when publishing has been completed. If you want to view the progress, you can always click View Publish Progress in the Apple App Store information block on your Publish dashboard.
  9. In case an error occurs during publishing, it will be marked in red and you will be notified. We've setup an article for you that lists the most common causes and solutions for failed publishing. You can review it here. If you cannot solve it this way, you can always contact support@appmachine.com. Make sure you provide your app name, app number, the email address of your AppMachine account and any screenshots that show information about the issue so we can help you as fast as possible.