Before you publish your app, you can let AppMachine validate if all the required information is entered, so you are alerted if some information is missing.  

This article describes one of the steps you have to take to get your app  published in the Apple App Store. Click here to see all of the steps.

  1. Open the Publish Dashboard
  2. You can trigger the app validation in three places: 
    1. Click the blue Publish button in the top right corner to check if your app is ready for publishing to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
    2. OR on the Apple App Store tile click on the V button and choose Validate App Store info to only check your Apple App Store app
    3. OR on the Google play tile click on the V button and choose Validatie App store info to only check you Google Play store submission
  3. AppMachine will execute the following checks to make sure your app is ready to be published: 
    1. Did you Pay for your app 
    2. Apple: Did you add your App Store connect API key
    3. Apple: Did you link a App Store app ?
    4. Google Play Store: Did you setup your app correctly via Firebase?
    5. Did you fill in all the required information for the app stores in the correct way? 
    6. Are your blocks configured correctly?
    7. Did you add all of the required API keys based on the block of your app? 

Disclaimer: You are responsible for the correctness of the data in your app. AppMachine is not responsible for the content of your app, so you have to check your app yourself before publishing to make sure your app shows the right data. 

Issues with App validation 

This article describes a few of the issues you can run into and how to solve them.

App store Connect API key

If there is something wrong with your App Bundle identifier, the wizard will show you the issue and when you click that row, AppMachine will show you the screen to solve the issue.

Other API keys

Based on the blocks in your app, AppMachine might tell you that some additional keys are required: 

a. Twitter keys if your app has an Twitter block. read more
b. Facebook keys if your have user registration with Facebook sign in enabled. read more
c. Google Maps if you have a Contact or Events block in your app and you are publishing for the Google Play Store. read more

d. Firebase keys for the Apple App Store if you have Analytics enabled

Apple App Store information

Most of the issues mentioned in this section can be solved in this screen > Publish dashboard > Apple App Store tile > Edit Store 

In some cases you will not immediately see Edit store info. In that case you need to click on the V top open the list

A few specific usecases: 

  1. Support, marketing or privacy URL: Fix these in the Apple App Store > edit store info screen > 
  2. Age Rating issues can be solved by Clicking on the Content Age Rating button
  3. The property PhoneNumber is not a valid phone number
    Solution: Check if you have used the international prefix for your phonenumber.
    example: +1 for United States, or +31 for the Netherlands
  4. User login enabled but a demo username is missing

    This occurs when you have user login enabled. The Apple review team needs an app user in order to check the app features that are only meant for authenticated users. Because this is a reason for an Apple rejection, we added this as a mandatory step.

    All you need to do is add a demo user that Apple can use to your app users list.
    You can find more about this in this article:
    User Registration

    Once you are done, you have to fill in the user/password in your Publish dashboard > Apple App Store > Edit Store info


You are responsible for the correctness of the data in your app. AppMachine is not responsible for the content, so you have to check your app yourself before publishing to make sure your app shows the right data.
AppMachine checks on a very high level to see if your blocks are configured correctly, for example if required fields have been filled. When you click on a row, you are redirected to the Content tab of your app to fix the issue. You will need to select the specific block yourself to fix the issue.