We have release a new version of the AppMachine Designer with various fixes.

Improvements for iOS and Android apps

To be able to use these two new features, you will need to update your app in the app stores with a store update.

  • List and webservice blocks now have the option Pull to refresh 
  • The header of the sliding menu has been improved : before it looked like this:

    Now, you can make your header look like this:

User management 

We have implemented new User Management screens which you can access from the left side menu from the publish screens you can now navigate to User Access and manage your login settings. You can enable user registration and set how you want your app users to be able to register to your app. From the Users tab you view, edit and assign roles to your app users. 

Old screens

New screens
1. Login settings

2. App Users overview

3. Edit or add a user