This week we released new versions of the Flutter mobile apps for iPhone and Android. If you want to have these fixes in your published Flutter app, we advise you to Republish your app to the app stores.

Changes for Android previewer

  • Improved: 

    • The previewer now also shows you the most recent apps you worked on.

Changes for iOS and Android apps

  • Improved: 

    • Translations: added and improved Greek and Swedish as native app languages.
      Tip: if you want to help getting your language added or improved as well, please contact support!

    • In-app location picker in Flutter now allows to drop pin in all areas (including water) - use long press.

    • Design: removed extra white space between tab bar and content.

    • Design: added a color picker for text:

    • RSS block: added sharing options to RSS/news items.

    • Viewing web pages in the previewer is now possible for websites that support iframes, this will solve this message that used to appear:

  • Resolved: 

    • Design: the app would show an error when you used negative margins.

    • Design: Background: best contrast text now works with opacity.

    • Event block: upcoming events block would show in 'Past Events' tab.

    • Information block: would crash when rendering content on Android.

    • Information block: auto detect for links was set too strict, in some instances creating links where it wasn't needed.

    • FAQ block: 'show title' switch in Custom Design was not working correctly.

    • Navigation: Opening links to a PDF file (on Android devices) was not working in specific situations.

    • Navigation: Sliding menu would disappear after viewing a login block in some cases.

    • Navigation: swiping images in landscape mode would revert back to portrait mode.

    • Screen block: was not showing the maps component.

    • Lock block: in specific use cases the block didn't open.

    • Link block: in specific situations the link block would not open when called in combination with a web service.

    • Push block: the order of push categories didn't match the order in the CMS.

    • POI block: the 'map view' did not work correctly.

    • User login: cancelling a register/login request was requiring the user to click 2 times to return to the home menu.

    • Link block: in specific situations the link block would not open when called in combination with a web service.

    • RSS block: the block would not play audio anymore.