Today we released new versions of the Flutter mobile apps for iPhone and Android. If you want to have these fixes in your published Flutter app, we advise you to Republish your app to the app stores.

Changes for iOS and Android apps

  • Improved: 

    • Settings block: several translations in the settings block were missing.

  • Resolved: 

    • List block: In some situations data that was marked as 'favorite' was not being displayed correctly.

    • Settings block: the block was not using all the available height on the screen

    • Screen block: could crash the app if web view was being used as homescreen

    • Photo block: sharing button was not visible

    • Photo block: regular swiping was not possible, only by closing the picture

    • Screen block: sharing button was not visible

    • PDF block: opening a PDF was causing the screen to flicker

    • PDF block: on some Android devices the PDF was not showing

    • Some apps were showing a 'This action is not available' error