Today we released new versions of the Flutter mobile apps for iPhone and Android. If you want to have these fixes in your published Flutter app, we advise you to Republish your app to the app stores.
This article describes how you can create a new version for the Google Play store and upload it yourself.

Improvements iOS and Android app

Added an option for Flutter for users to subscribe to Push Message categories. This can be done by adding categories to Push Messages and then adding a 'Settings Block' to the app.


Fixed in  iOS and Android app

  • Improved: 
    • Delete User Accounts 
    • Phone numbers in a list are now clickable.
    • POI block : AppMachine markers in maps are now bigger, making them more visible.
    • 'Information' title in About this App screen has been removed
    • PDF: block: If there is no PDF in a PDF Block, Flutter will now show 'No PDF available' instead of an empty screen.

  • Resolved:
    • Scrolling issue in WebPage Block
    • Read more in external tab didn't work, this is fixed
    • Web Previewer issues with JavaScript 
    • Link Block filter didn't reset when navigating from and to the block
    • Call button not displaying the entire phone number
    • Uploading images to a form on Android
    • Search function in a Link Block would not always work
    • Sometimes featured items would not be displayed on Android
    • Sometimes Excel items could not be loaded