Today we released new versions of the Flutter mobile apps for iPhone and Android. If you want to have these fixes in your published Flutter app, we advise you to Republish your app to the app stores.

Apple + Google App

  • Resolved: App information showed an empty screen.
  • Resolved: App information showed the the word "Informatie" in the header. The header text is now completely removed.
  • Improved: Zooming on images in Photo galleries or Pro screen blocks was kind of limited. When you now click on a photo, you have much nicer experience in zooming and scrolling in a photo.
  • Improved: Zooming in on images in rich texts, like the Information block or the description fields in for example the events or people works much better.
  • Resolved: On tablet devices Topimage and Featured items above list where not shown.
  • Resolved: Location picker in form didn't save location lat/long information.
  • Resolved: Captions on buttons where missing if caption came from external source
  • Resolved: Sometimes Webpages showed "Viewing Webpages is not supported in this previewer" 
  • Implemented: Pushmessages block now show exact  date and time when push message was sent

Previewer in the AppMachine Designer

  • Resolved: Login to Flutter previewer didn't always work