Today we have released a  update of the new Flutter app. 

  • If you are using the New publish flow, and you are experiencing one of the issues mentioned below in your app in the app store, you can trigger a new store update to benefit from these changes. 
  • If you are still using the Classic publish flow, you will see these improvements in the Previewer in the AppMachine Designer. 

For now, below you can find the details of the most important fixes of this release.

New Flutter app ( Version 1.2)

Default language other than English

With this new release we have added support to our new Flutter apps where default texts are translated to the language of your app.
So if you have an app set to 1 specific language the following fixed texts will be shown in that specific language:

  • Contact block : Phone number, website, emailadres
  • Products block: Price
  • App information screen: I need support, Licenses, Privacy policy
  • Events: Tab Past/ Upcomming

If you don't see these texts in your own language yet, we probably need your help!
For those languages we don't have the expertise to translate those texts in the correct way. Do you want to help us to translate this limited set of texts to your language?
Please send an email to where you mention the language you can help translate. We will send you a file where you fill in the translations.


  • Resolved:  Improved the visibility of the search field above a list. The search field will become visible if you scroll up in the list 

  • Resolved: Delete account screen > German text didn't fit on button 
  • Resolved: Delete account in the previewer in the design environment gave an error. 
  • Resolved: The link to the privacy policy url wasn't visible in the App information screen.
  • Resolved: The App info screen didn't show the information which was entered 
  • Resolved: Text on App info screen wasn't always visible.


Improved various small styling issues, for example with alignment of icons,

  • Resolved: Text was more heavy/Bold in the new apps than in Classic published apps.
  • Resolved: Text was sometimes shown smaller in the new apps than in Classic published apps.
  • Resolved: Image menu bottom alignment didn't work correctly. 
  • Resolved: In the POI block the order of the Categories wasn't correct and the styling of the group headers was weird.
  • Resolved: Sliding icon menu wasn't always visible.
  • Resolved: Back button wasn't always visible.
  • Resolved: Custom design wasn't applied to a Blog block. 
  • Resolved: Top image was sometimes not shown. 
  • Resolved: Links were not shown using the Supporting text color.

Events block 

  • Resolved: Events block in Submenu: tabnames Upcoming and Past are now fully visible
  • Resolved: Background overlay was not applied in the Events block.
  • Resolved: Google Calendar events only showed past events 
  • Resolved: Google Calendar screen didn't show date + start time 
  • Resolved: Google Calendar: Order of events is wrong 
  • Resolved: Google Calendar : No upcoming events shown when a lot of events in list 


  • Resolved: Uploading your app to the Google Play Store might have shown one of these two warnings.
    While fixing this we were also able to make the AAB file smaller..