Today we did three different releases in these three areas:

  1. New Publishing 
  2. New flutter app to fix a few issues of the newly published apps
  3. Xamarin app release to fix a few bugs

1. Publishing

  • Improved: Before you can publish your app to the app stores, you will be reminded to check your app in the previewer, to make sure everything works correctly before you publish your app for the first time. Apps which already have been published with the new flow, will also get this question once.

  • Improved: small changes to the publish wizards to make them even more clear and added some more links to articles in the Support Center.
  • Improved: the validation of your app now also warns you if there is transparency in the app icon.
  • Improved: during the uploading of an app icon we have added checks to make sure you cannot upload an app icon with transparency.

Publishing - Google Play Store

  • Improved: After Google Play Setup the publish dashboard didn't refresh automatically to show the new status.
  • Improved: Improved the communication after the build process of the Google Play app to make even more clear that you need to upload the app to the Google Play Store yourself.

2. New Flutter app ( Version 1.1.9)

  • Resolved: Error which was sometimes shown while starting the Android app.
  • Resolved: on Home screen disabling the setting "Show title in navbar" didn't work.
  • Resolved: User login: When using the Google or Facebook login to register, an error message appeared.

3. Classic Xamarin app 

  • Resolved: Sometimes a grey separator line was shown on the homescreen between the navigation bar and the rest of the content.
  • Resolved: Date & Time picker was shown in weird place on the screen on iOS 15 devices.
  • Resolved: On iOS devices the navigation bar background image wasn't shown on the homescreen