Classic publishing

  • Resolved: it was not possible anymore to enter your Google analytics keys for the Classic publishing.

New publishing

This week we will slowly increase the group of customers who get access to the new and improved publishing. More and more customers who already have an app in the app stores with AppMachine will get access to the new publishing flow.

If your app is an enterprise, a B2B or Apple Business Manager app, you will not be able to use this new flow yet. Our team will make publishing those apps available in the next few weeks. 

The new Publishing screen

Enterprise publishing coming soon

Apple App Store  publishing

  • Improved: When you do a store update for Apple, you can now enter the Release notes - also known as "What's new" in the App store Connect - directly in AppMachine.

  • Improved: validating the "What's new" information requirement for app updates, also making sure that this information is not send over to Apple when you publish your app for the first time.

  • New feature: You can now plan your app release by choosing when you want to release this version.

    When you disable the "Automatically release this version" switch in the screen shown above and click 'Next', you will see this screen where you can also choose between these options:

    0 - Manually release this version

    Your app will be unavailable until you change it manually. This can be used for Unlisted and Enterprise apps too.

    0 - Automatically

    This is the default setting and your app will become available for your customers at the moment that your app is set to 'Ready for Sale' by Apple.

    0 - Automatically release , no earlier than

    You can set a specific date and time to make this new version available.