Last week we started testing our new publishing flow together with a group of customers. These were all 'first-timers', all these apps were fresh and new to the App stores.

We received a lot of great feedback, and the team has been working hard to get all the comments and issues resolved in real time, which was challenging, but also a fun experience!

Besides the resolved issues in this release, we also added a lot of fixes to allow apps currently build with AppMachine to be updated with the new publishing flow and the Flutter apps. This is not available for customers yet, but we are happy with the progress so far, and are looking forward to open up the new publishing flow for existing apps very soon!

For now, below you can find the details of the most important fixes of this release.

Publishing - Apple App Store

  • Improved: Changed the UX on the 'Validate' screens so that each item links to the correct page where you can fix the issue.
  • Resolved: Urls didn’t save the http(s)// in the field.
  • Resolved: Category field didn’t show the entered data.
  • Resolved: Connect your account screen : If the Apple Developer license agreement is not accepted yet, this screen will now explain that more clearly.

Publishing - Google Play Store

  • Resolved: Homescreen field now shows that you can only enter a maximum of 13 characters
  • Resolved: Google maps key field shows the link to the right article which explains how to create these keys.

  • Resolved: Google Play store files couldn’t be downloaded if you had triggered an Apple App Store and a Google Play store build at the same time.

Other issues

  • Resolved: Opening the 'Integrations' screen  could lead to an error message.