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Add featured items in a Excel or Web Services block.

For this tutorial, we used our Flowershops demo Excel file. This demo data is available for your testing purposes as well. Add a new Excel block and choose the option to use the demo data. It is also available at the bottom of this article.

You can drag the data you want to use in the working area and design your screen. For more information about using the layout editor, click here.

See the result in the screenshot below.


The layout editor is used to design the starting page of my flower shop.

To include a featured image which will rotate the first three items:

1. Open the Advanced tab and go to the Featured Items section.

Enable Featured items by checking the box Enabled and set the number of images you want to display and save the changes.

2. Go back to the Layout tab and click on the Featured Items tab in the vertical menu as selected in the screenshot below.

3. Add the image you want to use as the featured image and drag in to the working area. Determine the height of the image and click on Save.

You can see the result instantly in the live viewer.


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    Martin Bazuin

    Cannot see the "template" section like in the screenshot you provided?

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    Same here, also no template section

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    Martin Bazuin

    @timo that is correct, these info is only visibe for Appmachine Developers so not for Resellers and end-users

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