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Opens a new screen with a list of videos in it. Clicking on one of these videos opens a new screen in which you can play the video.

You can pull your videos from a YouTube or Vimeo account or playlist. Video lists will update automatically when linking this block to a YouTube or Vimeo account. 


  1. Adding the Video building block
  2. Configuring the Video building block

Adding the Video building block

  1. Click on the "+ Block" button.
  2. Select the Video block in the "Basic" tab and click "Add Block".
  3. Choose the source for your videos:
    • Manual: Add a video on YouTube and/or vimeo by entering a URL
    • Vimeo Channel: show all Vimeo videos for a specific channel or user name.
    • Vine: Show videos uploaded to a Vine account.
    • YouTube Channel: show all YouTube playlists and videos for a specific channel
    • YouTube Playlist: show all YouTube videos for a specific playlist.

  4. Enter an album name or the video source information and click Next.
  5. Fill in the name of the block.
  6. Click on the icon if you want to change the image used in the menu.
  7. When you’re done, click Finish.

Configuring the Video building block

The "Video" building block editor is composed of three editing screens;  "Content," "General", and "Design."


The settings in the "General" editing screen determine how your block will function, "Content" allows you maintain the content of the block, and the settings in the "Design" screen determine its aesthetics. 


There are several aspects of your "Video" block that can be changed in this screen; the name of the block, the top image, and the icon (or image) that will be used in the app menu. You can also choose whether you'd like the users to be able to share the events via Twitter, Facebook, or email.


Should the need arise to keep the users of your published app from using this portion of the app, then you can always make use of the "Activated" sliding selector. 

Slide the selector to "OFF" to keep users from seeing the "Video" block. Now you can continue developing your app without worrying about users coming upon areas that you haven't finished developing as of yet. Once you are satisfied with your progress, slide the selector back to "ON" to publish this portion of your app.


This is where you add video sources. Click here to read more about working with "List" settings. 

If you have chosen a YouTube channel as one of your video sources you can choose to have the videos in this list grouped by playlist. 

To do this:

  1. Go to the "Content" tab. Screen_Shot_2014-06-30_at_4.19.32_PM.png
  2. Click on the edit pencil on the YouTube channel in the list. Screen_Shot_2014-06-30_at_4.30.18_PM.png
  3. Click the "Group by playlist" checkbox.


The "Design" screen allows your to make highly detailed changes to your building block. "Design" gives the developer a remarkable amount of freedom to adjust everything exactly as he or she would like it. "Design" is not available to all users. If you'd like to know more about how "Design" works, click here.


PLEASE NOTE: Adding YouTube videos to the app may require a 17+ age rating in the app stores. 

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  • Avatar
    Sobari Tanuwijaya

    Is it possible to create a video block from the rss?

  • Avatar
    Thomas Wielemaker

    We do not offer a media-RSS option in our Video block. If your videos have been set up correctly, it should be able to load these in an RSS block.

  • Avatar
    Lars Bakker

    Is it possible to let them connect with a webcam with wifi? That they can add the url and stuff of the webcam?

  • Avatar
    Guy Yo

    Is it possible to play that youtube videos in app ? Without open the browser ?

  • Avatar
    Thomas Wielemaker

    @Guy Yes, you can use this block to play YouTube videos in the app.

  • Avatar
    Guy Yo

    @Thomas, can you give me the How-to of playing youtube vidéos in app ?
    I tried and didn't succeed. Clicking on the videos still lunch an external browser page.

  • Avatar
    Thomas Wielemaker

    @Guy YouTube videos will launch natively on iOS devices. Android devices will ask to launch the video in the YouTube app or in the browser.

  • Avatar
    Juan Pablo González

    Hi, i have a ploblem with the video block. The videos is opened in the browser. How do I make that video opens in the same application. In the tutorial contains a tool (general tab / content ) I guess is to choose how you want to display the video. but I have not. Thank

  • Avatar
    Skills Brasil

    Hello, is it possible to have the videos stored locally in the App? And not accessed only through internet access? tks

  • Avatar
    Thomas Wielemaker

    @Skills Brasil It is not possible to store videos locally