This article explains how you can migrate a Coupons block in your existing Classic AppMachine app, to the new Coupons V2 block. Migration to the Coupons V2 block is required in order to be able to update your Classic AppMachine app to the new Flutter runtime.

Migrating to Coupons V2.

  1. Open your app in the Classic AppMachine build environment.
  2. Add the Coupons V2 block via the Add Block wizard.
  3. Create new coupons by using the Add block on the Coupons tab.

I have a ton of coupons, what now?

In case you have a lot of coupons in your current coupons block, then you can use the export button to create an excel sheet with your current coupons data. 

Next, use the import button* on the Coupons V2 block and select the exported excel file to populate the block with data.

* Before importing the sheet into the Coupons V2 block, make sure that the column names in the sheet match the column names in the new coupons block. Columns that cannot be matched to the columns of the new block can be removed.

Differences in the Coupons V2 block.

  • The text on the confirmation screen can not be adjusted.
  • A confirmation email will not be sent when a coupon is used.