Sometimes you want to limit the data you receive from a GET web service to a specific set. For example; retrieving items that were submitted by a specific logged in user. This short tutorial will teach you how to set this up. 


  • You need to select a field from your data as identifier such as an email address. This means that this field needs to already be present in your Form or POST web service. Using the email address of a logged in user is the most practical example as this can be used in combination with some of our other tutorials (Photo wall for example). 
  • Your GET web service block is already added to your app.

So let's get started. 

  1. Start by selecting your GET web service block and clicking the button with the dots next to the Dataprovider:

  2. Click the "Input parameters" tab and select the "query" tab on the next screen you're seeing:

  3. Look for the "where" field in the list of parameters and click the empty field under the "Default" column behind it:

  4. Add the query you want to use. In this example I'm using a query that makes sure I only retrieve results that contain contain the email address of the user that is currently logged in.

  5. Save these new settings and test your GET web service. 

The query used is email == '{user:email}'

  • "email" is the field from my web service results I'm filtering on.
  • "{user:email}" is used to automatically fill in the email address of the user that is currently logged in.

Notes: For this example the user needs to be logged in prior to visiting the GET web service block. This can be realized by adding a Lock block and nest the GET web service block below the Lock as shown in the first step of this tutorial. 

If you have any questions about this tutorial, please let us know by sending us an email