This article explains how to setup analytics in your app, so you can see how your users are using your app.

In the new Flutter published apps the analytics will be gathered using Firebase keys and you can view the analytics in Google analytics.

This is different than the Classic apps where it was possible to see basic analytics within AppMachine itself. As Google Analytics is now more mainstream, you will be able to use the power of google analytics for analyzing your app usage. 

A. Setup Analytics

  1. Open the new Publish dashboard
  2. Open the left side navigation menu and select Manage > Integrations
  3. Enable the setting Enable firebase analytics

B. Google Play Store setup

During the setup of your Google Play Store app, you have to setup your Firebase app.  The steps are described in this article. Make sure you have Enable Google analytics for this project .
During that process you can also create a Google analytics account.

C. Apple App Store setup

This article explains how you can setup your Apple App Store app to track analytics via Firebase to Google Analytics.