If you already have your AppMachine app in the app stores, you will need to republish your app in the next few weeks using the new publishing flow.

June 20: This  functionality is not available yet, but this will become available in 1-2 weeks.

You can read more about the new flow in this article.
Here we will explain to you the steps you have to make to bring your app to the stores using the new flow.

Apple app store republish with new flow

The old flow used your login credentials to login to apple app store connect. 

The Apple App Store publishing flow now uses Apple App Store Connect APIs which means that

  • if Apple changes it's interface, the publishing will still work.
  • the status of your app is updated automatically in our system
  • if there are issues uploading your app, the screens in AppMachine will show you much more specific what the problem is, so you should be able to fix the issues yourself , instead of needing to contact the Support team.

For AppMachine to connect with the App Store connect via API keys, you will need to upload  some information once: 

  1. your