The AppMachine has been rebuilding the Publish functionality and since July 2022 it's available for all of our customers. 

Using the new publishing flow  also means that the new "Flutter based" version of your app will be published to the app stores. Flutter is new app technology which has been around for a few years now which makes your app perform very fast on iPhone and Android devices. 

>> Note: Some features have not yet been implemented in the new application, which can mean that for your app you need to wait till you get access to the new publishing flow and new Flutter app till we have made that functionality available.
When you click the Publish now button in the Designer, AppMachine checks if new publishing is already possible for your new app or not.

The new updated Publishing flow is a great thing for you because 

  1. the Apple App Store publishing flow now uses Apple App Store Connect APIs which means that
    - if Apple changes it's interface, the publishing will still work.
    - the status of your app is updated automatically in our system
    - if there are issues uploading your app, the screens in AppMachine will show you much more specific what the problem is, so you should be able to fix the issues yourself , instead of needing to contact the Support team.

  2. a Google Play Store flow which uses AAB files, which is Google Play's new file format.

  3. the new flows uploads a new version of your app which matches exactly the version of your app which you see in the right side of the AppMachine Designer

Is new publishing available for your app? 

Yes. When you click the Publish button in the AppMachine builder, we automatically check if it is possible to publish your app via the new flow based on the following criteria

  1. Is your app paid for? 
  2.  a Javascript block? Contact our support desk at We will help you to switch over. 
  3. Does your app contain Coupons? Contact our support desk at We will help you to switch over.
  4. Does your app contain Loyaltycard? You need to wait a some more weeks. The AppMachine is currently rebuilding the loyaltycard functionality.  
  5. Is your app Multilingual? Contact our support desk at We will help you to switch over.

How to get started

  1. Open your app in the current Designer and click the Publish Now button in the top right corner
  2. If your app can be published with the new flow. you will see this screen, where you
    a. need to tell us if your app is available in the regular app stores, or that it's an Enterprise or B2B app.
    b. click the Improved publishing button

    If you don't see this screen and you do want to participate in the new publishing program, please send email to so we can check why your app cannot use the new flow yet.
  3. That will open our New publishing dashboard, which will look like this:
  4. Please follow these two articles to help you to get your app published to both app stores. It just takes you a few minutes: 


  • We want you to know that our whole team is available for you to fix any problems which might arise as soon as possible.
  • For us to be able to help you as quickly as possible we ask you to 
    1. Use the articles in this section of our Help center:
    2. Whenever you don’t understand something, email immediately with the words “Publish beta” in the title and a specification of the issue.
    3. Please always include your appnumber and screenshots to explain the issue to us. 

We are very excited to have this new functionality available for you!