Building your app is very easy. Just follow these simple steps.

How to build an app

  1. Log in on to arrive at the content management system (CMS), where you can design and build apps.

  2. Click on the '+ New App' button in the 'My apps' tab.
  3. Specify a name for your app. This is the name that will be used in the apps stores; it is also used to identify your app in AppMachine. 
  4. Click Next. This will bring you to a screen in which you can let AppMachine scan a website:
  5. Enter the URL for your website and click Scan. AppMachine will check the website for the availability of photos, videos, Facebook/Twitter accounts and RSS feeds. If you do not want to scan a website, click the Skip button.

  6. The results will be displayed in the screen once the scanning process is completed:
  7. You will then be prompted to confirm the found accounts, e.g. your Twitter account. Tick the accounts you want to use in your app and click Next.

  8. Select a skin from the menu. A skin is the exterior of an app. It comprises a combination of backgrounds, a menu structure, building block icons and a color range. A skin allows you to endow your app with an identity. You can view the available skins by clicking them. You can change any component of a skin at a later stage; the skin provides the basis directions with regard to the design. Would you prefer not to use a skin? No problem, just click 'Skip'.
  9. The subsequent screen will list basic information and confirm that you have created an app. Click 'Finish'.

You can now add new building blocks and further flesh out or modify any available building block.

Next step: Adding building blocks.