The JavaScript block gives you the opportunity to extend AppMachine with your own functionality. To make things easier we have put a lot of effort into the JavaScript block by building an AppMachine JavaScript SDK that will give you access to features we've already built. So you don't need to build this yourself.

What's inside the AppMachine JavaScript SDK

With the SDK we've tried to make life easier for you - as a developer - by giving you access to some powerful features we've been using in AppMachine itself, like:

  • Integrating web services with zero effort;
  • Integrating audio playback with our native player interface;
  • Integrating the AppMachine REST API with just a few lines of code;
  • Integrating device specific APIs.

And more to come in the future.

How do I get started

To start using our JavaScript block and SDK the only thing you need to do is add a JavaScript block to your app (located on the "Pro" tab) and click the "Get Me Started" button. Once you hit this button a Zip file will be downloaded. This zip file contains:

  • AppMachine JavaScript SDK Modules;
  • A sample JavaScript block;
  • And some configuration files allowing you to develop and debug locally and publish your block to your app;

We are using NPM (Node Packaged Modules) and Grunt to let you develop and debug your JavaScript block on your own machine. For more information on how to set up NPM and Grunt please check out this article.

Please note: AppMachine can offer only limited support for the JavaScript block. Users are responsible for the code they submit. 

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