Creating an app

After creating an account at AppMachine you can get started right away and please, have fun! Experiment! Discover everything that AppMachine has to offer. Building an app with AppMachine is free, easy, fun and your app will look gorgeous.

AppMachine's software is constantly evolving, so there may be a small chance you will encounter the odd imperfection. It would be great if you could report these to us.

App Dashboard

The URL to login and start working on your app again is Please bookmark this URL so you won't need to remember it.

When you log in to your AppMachine account we take you to your App Dashboard.

You App Dashboard shows you an overview of your apps as well as some demo apps which we've placed there for inspiration. Follow these steps to create a new app!

  1. Create a new app by, as you've probably guessed by now, clicking on the "+ New App" button in the top left corner of your App Dashboard. You will be asked to complete the following preliminary steps to start editing the content of your app:
  2. Name your App
  3. Scan your (or your client's) website to collect images and data sources (like Facebook and Twitter) to potentially include in your app
  4. Based on the results of your scan, you will be asked to select which data sources you'd like to include in your app.
  5. Select a Skin for your app. Each skin comes with a unique look and feel. You're not limited to the settings found in a skin. You can choose one that comes close and edit it to your desired specifications or start building from the ground up.
  6. Your app will now be created. You can start adding content!

We’ll tell you how in step two, there are a few things you need to know before adding content


Our special AppMachine Previewer app for Android lets you view your app while you are building it. You can download the App Previewer by scanning the QR-code or opening this link on your Android smartphone. The Apple version of this app is not available. A iOS simulator is available in the AppMachine platform. 


Get in touch with our customer support

We have added lots of resources to help you build your app, do you have a question, the answer might be in this knowledge base.

You don’t find the right answer? You can always email us at or chat with us. We'll take good care of you!

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Next step

Step Two in the  Quick Start Guide contains information about adding content to your app. We hope you enjoy building your apps. And remember, building your app is free! You only pay once you publish an app.