The AppMachine platform offers two types of updates; Store Updates and Content Updates. 

Content Updates vs Store Updates

When you update your app, AppMachine will submit either a Content Update or a Store Update. Which update is submitted depends on the changes that you have made to the app since its last update. 

Content Updates: 

  • Include the most basic updates to your app's design and content.
  • Usually available within 10-15 minutes.

Store Updates:

  • Publishing information: Required for changes to the app icon, the store screenshots or to the store information.
  • New permissions: Required if the app now includes a block that was not available at the time of the last store update that requires a new permission from the users' device. Example: Adding a QR code scanner block that requires access to the devices' camera. 
  • Bug fixes: Required to fix bugs in the code.
  • Store Updates can take about 1-2 business days to process for Android apps and 5-10 business days for iOS apps. 

If you run into any issues with updating your app, please contact our support department through