You've probably put a lot of work into your blocks, so we've made sure that you can't delete one without making sure that's really what you want to do.

How to delete a block

  1. Click on the block you'd like to delete.
  2. Select the Settings tab.
  3. Click on the trash can to remove the block.
  4. Click on Yes to permanently delete the block.

Please be careful! If you've filled the AppMachine CMS with, for example, a custom "Events" or "Products" list, removing that block will delete all the work you've done.

What to do when you've accidentally deleted a block from your app

When you've accidentally removed a block from your app and you want to get it back, contact to request the block to be restored. In most cases our support agents will be able to restore the deleted block. Please be aware though that this might not always be the case.