Logic Script examples

 (Logic tab --> Script action)


-- App --

PlayMusic / PlayAudio

Description: Play music


- playmusic(string url)

- playmusic(string title, string url)

- playmusic(string title, string url, string artists, string artworkUrl)

- playmusic(string title, string url, string artists, string artworkUrl, string purchaseUrl)

Example: app.playmusic("Sample Track", "https://url.to.track", "Artist", "https://artwork.url")

Note: Please make sure the URL you're using is a direct link to a music file (for example: https://www.example.com/music.mp3). Using a link that leads to a third party music player will not work.  

Example: app.playmusic(screen.currentitem.title, screen.currentitem.enclosure.url, "", screen.currentitem.media_content.url)

This will use the fields from your Excel or Web Service.




url to the stream


cover art image



Description: Stop the currently playing track

Method: stopmusic()

Example: app.stopmusic()


Save Event to your Calendar App.

Description: Save event to calendar upon click of a button.

Method: start.start => app.addevent(name, startDate, endDate, location, url)


start.start => app.addevent("Dance Event 2016", "08/25/2016 18:00", "08/25/2016 23:30", "Amsterdam, the Netherlands", "https://www.danceevent.com"

fields from Web Service or Excel

start.start => app.addevent(screen.currentitem.eventTitle,  screen.currentitem.eventStartTime,  screen.currentitem.eventEndTime, screen.currentitem.location, screen.currentitem.website)


-- WebService --


Description: Call this method to execute the webservice. When a previous result is available that will be the result of this method.

Method: execute()

Example: webservice.execute()