Once you have created an app, you will want to test the way it will eventually be displayed on a user’s smartphone. AppMachine offers you this option. From the moment you have created an app, you can download the AppMachine Previewer app, login with your AppMachine credentials and the app will be listed in the ‘My Apps’ overview and from there you can view it on your mobile phone. How should you go about this?

Install the Previewer app

First of all, you must install AppMachine’s Previewer app on your smartphone.

Go to apps.appmachine.com/previewer and select Google Play if you have an Android smartphone. Or scan this QR code with your smartphone to automatically go to the correct store:

You can preview your apps for iOS by using the simulator in the browser. 

Click your app in the Previewer

When you have installed the Previewer on your phone and launched it, you will need to log in using your AppMachine account or your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account.

After logging in, an overview of your apps will be shown in the Previewer. You can click an app to preview it. 

The app will behave as it would if it had been published natively to the app stores. You can use the AppMachine Previewer to preview the changes your are making while you're making them! To update the app as you make changes, click on the navigation bar as described below in the FAQ. 

Let others view your app 

Would you like others to have a peek at your app? No problem. They will have to install the Previewer app on their phones too and they also need access to your app. To provide them with access you can send them an invitation. You can do so from the tab in your app. Click ‘Invite’ under ‘Team members’. 

Frequently Asked Questions

- What about modifications? Are they immediately visible in the Previewer?

Yes they are, and in a matter of seconds, too. It may be necessary to perform a 'reload' of the Previewer on your mobile phone. On iOS, just tap on the navigation bar of the app you want to reload. This will trigger it to retrieve the latest version, which will be displayed on the screen immediately.

On Android devices, a reload button can be found in the menu under the "i" icon in the top right corner of the home screen.