If you think your app is ready to be published to the app stores, you have to take a few steps. It takes about 24 hours to publish for Android, and 5-10 business days for the Apple Store, just keep that in mind. You can activate your monthly or yearly subscription from the moment you are ready to publish.

Apple & Google Play Developers License

You need licenses to publish your app. You can find instructions on how to obtain a license here. Make sure you get your licenses on time, it might take a few business days.

Review Apple Guidelines

Apple will review your app using the rules set forth in the App Store Review Guidelines. Please read the guidelines here to prevent any possible rejection of your app.

Publishing Information

Please fill out all information fields under the Publishing tab that's needed to publish your app. Also add a splash screen and read this article with 11 tips to create an app icon.


No Empty Screens

Make sure that all blocks and views in your app feature some kind of content.

Publishing your App

Three birds, one stone... Now that you've built your app using our awesome AppMachine CMS, you're ready to publish your app in not one, but two app stores, for iPhone and Android.

What is No branding?

If you choose no branding in your app, the AppMachine logo will not be visible in the information screen. If you choose to leave the AppMachine logo in, we will also provide you with a free promotion website for your app.

Next step

Step Five contains information about updating and promoting your app once it is in the stores.

We are always available at our Support Desk to answer your questions. Otherwise, refer to the articles and videos we've created for you in our Help Center to help you build your app.

Good luck submitting your app to the App Stores!