If you think your app is ready to be published to the app stores, please make sure you've taken care of the following:

  1. Check whether your app satisfies Apple's Review Guidelines. You can find an overview of these guidelines here.

  2. If you don't have a Google Play and/or iOS Developer license, request your licenses from Google and Apple. This is required for publishing an AppMachine app.

  3. Make sure you've filled in all important information under the "Publish" tab for both the App Store and Google Play.

    This includes the screenshots that will be used to preview your app in the app stores. Read more about how to add these screenshots here

  4. Submit a splashscreen and app icon. The app icon image should be 1024 x 1024 pixels. The splashscreen is also known as the loading screen of your app and will be displayed when a user opens your app. The splashscreen must fit the dimensions of an iPhone 4 (640x960) and an iPhone 5 (640x1136). Read more about adding splashscreens here.

  5. Make sure that you've entered your Twitter and Facebook API keys in the "Advanced" section of the Publish page. Read more on how to do this here.

  6. Make sure that all your blocks and views in your app feature some kind of content. Apple doesn't allow screens without content and will reject your app should this be the case.

You are now ready to publish your app.