Here are some tips to update and promote your app. Once your app is published you really want to keep your app's users up to date with the latest information.
But how can you update the app and promote it to potential users?

App Site
To help promote your app, we provide each app with an app site; a one-page website with screenshots of your app.


Special QR code
Use the special QR Code (on your app website) to share your app website and to promote your app very easily! Read all about our QR code here.

Live Link blocks
Use live blocks to update content automatically for free. How can you integrate live blocks? Read all about live blocks here.

Any changes made to your app in the designer will require an update. AppMachine's subscription plans allow for unlimited updates. Read about the subscription plans here.

Use our integrated analytics to devise an update strategy for your app's content. Check the most viewed pages and provide new content regularly to these pages to keep them updated and your users coming back for more.

With our analytics you can see the global app downloads by iOS or Android users. You can see where your users are based and what they are using in your app. Use this data to optimize your app! Read all about our integrated analytics here.