A push message can now be sent from your app. Wherever you are, you can now always keep your users abreast of new developments. To be able to do this, you (or your app builder) will need to enable some settings. 

  1. Select an app with which you would like to send push messages.
  2. In the left vertical menu, go to "Users" and make sure that "User Authentication" has been activated.
  3. Update your app using the "Update Now" button so that "User Authentication" is activated in the app. 
  4. Open the app on your phone and wait for the update to be received by the phone.
  5. Tap on the "i" button in the top right corner of the screen. Three options will drop-down. Choose "Login".

  6. Register in the app or login if you've already done so.  
  7. Go back to design.appmachine.com and open the "Users" section and click on the "App Users" tab.
  8. Click on the pencil next to your (or any user's) email address to upgrade the account.
  9. Change the user's role to "Boss" and save these changes.
  10. Go to your phone, close the app completely (sometimes called a "force quit") and reopen the app.
  11. When the app opens, it will check which role is assigned to the user. When you open in the menu under the "i" again you will now see 5 options.
  12. Choose "Push Messages"
  13. Here you'll see a list of sent push messages. You can also compose a new push message by tapping on the "Compose" button to send immediately, or later.


Good to know:

Your apps needs to be published and live. If this feature does not work well in your live app, the app may require a store update. Send an email to support@appmachine.com.

Your push message will be sent to iOS and Android users alike. It is not possible to select which users to send the push message to. 

ATTENTION: This feature is not currently available in Flutter apps.