With the White Label Client CMS resellers can let their clients manage part of the app content through a white label CMS.

The White Label Client CMS offers the following functionality

Your clients will not be able to:

  • add new blocks
  • change the design
  • change the homescreen 

White label means: 

  • accessible via your own website URL;
  • with your own logo;
  • with your own color settings;
  • NO connection to AppMachine, not even in the HTML of the site.

How it works

  1. Create a custom domain and set CNAME (Available to enrolled resellers only) in DNS server;
  2. Configure your Client CMS on our site;
  3. Change the color settings to give the CMS your own look & feel;
  4. Create an account for your client per app;
  5. Send your clients login-information: URL, app name, email address and password;
  6. Clients modify the content of the app, send pushmessages or see the analytics, depending on the roles you have given the client.

See the list of blocks that are available for your clients.