This guide will help you integrating your own web service into your AppMachine app using our "Web service" building block.

The goal of this guide is to help you integrate your web service that will post data to your website using an API. If you are looking for guides regarding creating, updating or deleting data via a web service please check out the related articles section.


  • You will need the POST URL of the web service you want to integrate in your app.

How to

  1. Go to and open your app;
  2. Go to the "content" section of your app;
  3. Click Add block.
  4. Select the Pro tab.
  5. Select the Web service block and click Add block.
  6. Select Custom web service.

  7. Set the web service method to POST
  8. Enter the URL of your POST Web Service url (e.g.
  9. We will automatically move all query string parameters to the "Parameters section". You can always add additional parameters to the Web Service.
    Tip: According to the "Type" specified with each parameter we will validate the user input.
  10. Clear the default values and select the "Required" button.
  11. Click "Next"
  12. Name your new block, so just pick a name and click "Finish"

The Screen block consists of textfields which can be used to enter the data. After hitting the submit button the data will be sent to the website API.

To edit your fields please look at :