Note: The demo Excel file we use in this tutorial can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. 

This simple tutorial will show you how to connect sheet 1 to sheet 2. In this example I'm using a "Fashion" Excel file with 2 sheets:

- products

- categories

You can see in the "category" column that the "title" of the sheet "categories" is shown. In other words, The category column from sheet 1(products) is connected to the title column of sheet 2 (categories).

If you import this file in AppMachine the Output will be like this:

After importing the Excel file i chose "products" as my sheet. As you can see we have acces to sheet 2 (categories) as well, so how did we do this?

If you click the category column you can see in the input above that it says: 

=categories!B2 but it outputs "MEN".

This means that that "cell" is connected to the sheet "categories" to the "cell" that is in "B2" and the value of that cell contains the string "MEN".

AppMachine is smart enough to "import that connection".

So if you would add an Excel block and select the "category" sheet you will see a list of all the categories (men / woman / shoes etc. ).

After that add another Excel block and select the "products" sheet.

When you click on "MEN" in that list, it will automatically list all the MEN info from sheet 1 because we connected the two sheets. The same goes for the other categories, if you click on WOMAN you will see all the products that are connected to WOMAN.