If your account was (accidentally) canceled, and you want to re-activate your subscription, please follow this guide to get you up and running as quickly as possible :

What happens after a cancellation
When your Reseller subscription ends, we disable all the Reseller features :

  1. The apps that you have published in the bundle will stop functioning, customers will receive a message that the app has been disabled (blacked out). The apps are still visible in the App Store(s), however your customers cannot use them anymore.
  2. The white label CMS environment that your customers can use to maintain their app is deleted, this also includes all your personalised settings, such as your custom URL, custom logo and company colours.
  3. You and your customers can no longer use the non-branded previewer.
  4. Acces to the Reseller Forum is revoked.
  5. You will be removed from our website directory : https://www.appmachine.com/resellers

How to re-activate your subscription and apps
Follow these steps to get your apps up and running :

  1. Login to your original reseller account on https://design.appmachine.com, and look for the "Become a Reseller" banner :

  2. Follow the "Become a Reseller", and purchase the Reseller bundle again.
  3. Once your bundle is active again, you have to make sure your apps are also assigned to this new subscription. Do to this, you need to 'buy' each app again. Open the app that you want to add, and go to "Publish", and there you can "Buy your app" :

  4. Finally, you have to re-configure your Reseller CMS again, you can do this by going to your Reseller dashboard, and re-enter all your details :

Re-activating your apps without the Reseller program

Should you want to continue with the apps in your account, however you don't want to take part in the Reseller program, you can also repurchase the apps, please note that you will lose all discounts, and you would need to buy the whitelabel block for each app that you want the AppMachine logo's removed from.