AppMachine's "Travel" demo app shows a "rating" element displaying stars. This can be done in Excel.

To do so, create a column in your Excel sheet with the name "rating" for example and input a number in the column. (1 to 5 in this example).

Step 1:

When you import your Excel sheet, change the "type" of the "rating' column to "RANGE" (for example your text is of the type "text", change this type to "range". This can also be changed later on in the "output properties" of your block.)

Step 2:

Edit the "rating" field. (Click on the "pencil icon" when you hover over the field ). You will get a popup.

Step 3:

Input the numbers like the screenshot and upload your image and click "OK" and then "SAVE" the block (It's the light grey button at the bottom of the popup).

Step 4:

"Connect" the Excel field "rating" to an image control in your layout editor. Click on "Source" and copy/paste this line in your layout.

<image field="rating" width="61" gravity="center" height="24" scaletype="scaleAspectFit" margin="0 5 0 0" />

Step 5:

Give yourself a pat on the back because you are done :)