This article explains how to set up the white label client CMS once you've become an AppMachine Reseller.


Where to configure the Client CMS

  1. Go to and login;
  2. Select the Reseller tab in the account section in the top right.

You will see the following tabs

  • General: Add business information which is used in the White Label Client CMS or at if you decide to be featured on our site.
  • CMS Settings: Color settings for the white label Client CMS
  • Members: The people who work in your company who are allowed to access every app that is built for your clients
  • Billing: All the bills that have been sent to you
  • Subscriptions: view and manage the apps in your bundle

Configure your own CMS

  1. Go to the tab General and fill in the following information:
    - Logo: will be shown in the top left corner of the white label client CMS
    - Company name
  2. Go to the tab CMS Settings
    - Favicon: the 16x16 pixel image that is shown in the tab of the browser when people user your client CMS. You can use to create an icon
    - Custom domain: Enter the URL you created. Do not forget to add our CNAME for this URL to your DNS server to connect your own site to our CMS that is hosted white labeled at Amazon.

Settings per app

  1. Go to and login with an account that is connected to the reseller program;
  2. Select a test app;
  3. Select Settings > Advanced in the left side bar

  4. Visible for all members of the reseller program : Check this boolean if you want to share the app with AppMachine-members of your reseller program.
    By using this setting, you do not need to use the invite Team member - functionality. Just set this boolean and at the My apps > Reseller tab the app will be available for all your colleagues.

    Create a friendly name for the app if the appname is really long or with complicated characters
    The client needs to fill in this appname at the loginscreen, so keep this name simple.

After this you can