There are may be situations where the output of your web service might change during the app building process because one or more fields were added to your web service output. In order to use the new fields in your app we need to know of their existence.

When you first imported your web service we (the AppMachine platform) created, what we call, an output definition. This definition specifies all the fields and their meta data that we can expect to be available in the result of your web service. As stated, this definition will be generated during the import of your web service and is therefore a static definition. In order to use the new fields available in your web service we need to add these fields to this output definition.

In this How To we will guide you through the few simple steps of updating your output definition.


  • An existing Web Service block;

How To

  1. Go to and login;
  2. Open the app containing the Web Service block that should be updated;
  3. Select the Web Service block;
  4. Click the "..." button next to the dataprovider field;
  5. A dialog screen will open showing the settings for the Web Service attached to this building block. Make sure the Settings tab is selected;
  6. Click the "Update the output parameters" button to start updating the output definition of your web service;
  7. A wizard will open up showing you the detected fields in your web service output. If necessary adjust the datatypes of the fields and click "Finish";
  8. Close the dialog showing the settings of your web service and you are all done!

Note: We will never delete any existing fields in your output definition, not even if they are no longer present in the result of your web service. If you want to delete fields you can do this manually going to the "Output parameters" tab and click the trashcan button next to the field you want to delete.