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Logic script examples



  • Patrick van Gogh

    Can you give an example of the intended use of the properties? Are they meant to be used in a Script-action in the OnClick-repsonse of a button, for example?

  • Johnny Boersma
    Hello Patrick, Yes they can be used in the Logic tab with a script block. You can use the {device:fieldname} (id/currentdate etc.) in web services as parameters in combination with a button for example.
  • Scott30134

    Is there a full list of these methods? Where do we find the options and variables???

  • Chris

    I would like to have this documentation either.
    There are so many different variables used in so many different cases.

  • Joost de Graaf

    I would like to call a block from a script. Not with the default goto function. But from a script so that I can pass a variable. So one variable goto block A and another variable goto block B

  • Robert Ritchie

    Hi Johnny,
    I got app.playmusic() working great with a simple button. Now besides playmusic() and stopmusic() are there other methods not listed here that I can use to control the player?

    Your native player works great but it's more tailored for music and not podcasts. I want to add find a hack (perhaps using a script method) where I can add "skip back 15 seconds" and "skip forward 15 seconds" function into the playlist so that the << and >> buttons on native player instead of skipping to another track, will skip seconds.. then I can replace those << and >> images with a loop back/forward images and have a more user-friendly native podcast player in appmachine. Do you think this is possible by tweaking something in Logic scripts? 

    Also I got playmusic(string title, string url, string artists, string artworkUrl, string purchaseUrl) fully working but wanted to know is there any way I can change the "Buy" text from purchaseUrl. Thanks! Rob


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