Languages Supported by AppMachine apps




  • Aidana Bek

    hello. I added checkout block and I want it to be in russian. All of the content in my app is in russian but when making order there are english words like add to cart, sub total, etc. How can I change them?

  • Thomas W.

    @Aidana: Please send a message to that includes the name of the app and the email address your AppMachine account is registered under.

  • Aws Al Bayati

    same issue Thomas, i'll send an email about it

  • Aws Al Bayati
    Hello Thomas, any update regarding Arabic language?
  • Thomas W.
    @Aws: Arabic should be made available in the next release of the AppMachine Previewer.
  • Aws Al Bayati

    hi Thomas, when arabic will be available?

  • Sergey Sokolenko

    Hi Thomas! It's will be perfect if you will add Ukrainian language! When you're can add it?

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