Filtering on a Datalist Options and Examples




  • Markus

    hi, fellows, i tried several things, how can i filter the list to show only upcoming dates from this list? date >= {device:currentdate} doesn't work, any ideas? greets

  • Johnny Boersma

    Hi Markus,
    You can try : date >= {am:now}.
    {device:currentdate} is not used for filtering a list.

    Kind regards,
    Kind regards,

  • marcocarvalho

    date>= "{AM:NOW}"

  • naifzhr

    I'm trying to use "filter expression" to show the user the events in the city that the user in Or it shows only the events that is 25 mails near to the user . I tried to use this [ City % "{user:location}" } but it did not work. please can you help me in that.

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