Custom Events View with Excel file




  • Martin Bazuin

    Great work, many thanks for this tutorial! :-)

  • Ted Edwards

    how have you implemented the upcoming and past tabs?

    edit: worked it out with the AM:NOW filter

  • tony_oregan

    I can't work out how the upcoming and past tabs were added?


  • Ted Edwards

    under the advanced tab and then Advanced heading, use the filter expression:

     date <="{AM:NOW}"

    then use a Link block with target of your excel block and filter

    date > "{AM:NOW}"

  • tony_oregan

    Hi Ted. Thank you for that but I'm afraid I still can't make it work. I can do the first part under Advanced but adding a link block adds a page and I still don't see the upcoming and past in the Excel block?

  • Ted Edwards

    You're on the right track, just add those under a submenu.

    See my pic, the 4 blocks are:

    • Events (sub menu)
    • Upcoming/Info (List)
    • Past (Link)

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