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Create a Multilingual app



  • Paulo Arthur C. Filho

    The "Configuration" block does not show the options for choice of languages!
    the "i" button at the top of the app does not show languages.
    How should I proceed?

    Thank you

  • Thomas W.

    "If a user’s device is set to one of the languages you’ve made available, the app should automatically show the content in that language. If the user’s device is set to a language not supported by your translations, the app will shown the content in the default language." There is no option to change the app's language in its settings.

  • Patriciahe

    Are you planning to add the option that users can select the language? We are working with many different countries and our business partners do so too, so some contents they'd need in more than only the default language. Also is our default language German, users from Belgium or NL or F will then automatically get the German version? They'd need it in English. Unfortunately I saw these comments too late, otherwise we wouldn't have upgraded the app to Pro....


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