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How do I update an existing (already published) app in the stores with my new AppMachine app?

In order to determine whether it is possible to update your existing app with an AppMachine app, we will require specific information from both stores.

Apple App Store:
We're able to update any existing app in the App Store. But you will have to note that it is not possible to upgrade an app with a version that support less devices. This means, that if your app currently also supports iPad devices, your AppMachine will have to do this as well. Because iPad support is only available in for Pro subscriptions, you will have to have a Pro subscription in order to update your existing app in the App Store.

Google Play Store:
Updating an existing app in the Google Play Store is a little more technical. We require that you send us the keystore with which the app was originally signed. Without this keystore file we are unable to package the app, and thus unable to submit it to the stores as an update of the existing app. Besides the keystore, we require the following information:

- The keystore's key password.
- The keystore's store password.
- The keystore's alias.
- The keystore's SHA1 hash.

The SHA1 hash is not required for packaging, but is used to request Google API keys for specific functionality in your Android app. Please contact support with your update request and the information stated above prior to publishing your Android app.

Please note that AppMachine currently only supports keystores with a SHA1withRSA signing algorithm. If your keystore uses a different signing algorithm, we will not be able to update your existing app.

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