Can I copy or duplicate a block and its content?




  • Compac Hydraulik

    Is there any news when this "copy /duplicate" feature will appear in the app ?
    For our app "Compac" it is would be a great help.
    Thank you

  • Thomas W.

    We have not yet implemented this features in the AppMachine platform but it is still on our feature request list and will be considered for future releases.


    looks like Iam here for the same issue ,
    im just wondering while you are able to copy the whole app why its not yet implemented for blocks.

  • Haley Haar

    This does seem like a feature that should be available. Or at least make things easier to manipulate between blocks to not have to totally rebuild them.

  • Jeffrey Jones

    Are you even developing the builder anymore? Seems like many people have questions (like this one) from months ago that have not been integrated. I am currently using the builder and am close to what I want and ready to go live with a paid account but am getting the feeling that you are not making the improvement the clients are asking for... Mainly E-Commerce, Booking Functionality and Duplication of blocks. Can you kindly provide an update to when/what we can expect?

  • Thomas W.

    @Jeffrey: AppMachine's platform is being updated once every one or two weeks. Our focus recently has been optimizing our code to minimize apps' digital footprints and maximize their speed. It's not as "sexy" as releasing new blocks but was something we did at the request of our users. We have a booking (appointments) feature that is currently in beta and should be released soon. Other feature requests received via email are ranked based on number of requests received. Development of one of these features is decided by our developers and product managers. AppMachine is a cross-platform app-building tool. This means that to build a new feature, we need to write 3 different sets of code during its development. We hope to release a slue of new features in Q3 of 2015.

  • Aws Al Bayati

    dears, any update regarding the copying feature?

  • Thomas W.

    @Aws: No, there is no update on this feature at the moment.

  • Aws Al Bayati

    Hi Thomas, is there a chance that we'll celebrate the new year with the "block copy" feature available?

  • Thomas W.

    @Aws: This feature will not be developed in the foreseeable future as our priorities lie with the development of other features at the moment. It will, however, remain on our feature request list and continue to be considered for development.

  • Peter Cassidy

    Hi Thomas. Since another few months have passed since you were last asked, I thought I should find out if the development team have any plans to incorporate Block Copy functionality in the foreseeable future? It would certainly make the whole app building process so much easier. In fact, I would have assumed it would be a fundamental part of any paid app builder. Thanks in advance.

  • Ronny Bourgonje

    There is a way to copy at least parts of a block. Go into the source code of a block, copy that into a new block.

  • Thomas W.

    @Peter: This feature is still not scheduled for development at the moment. There are other developments and decisions that need to come before we can institute this feature. It will, however, remain on our feature request list and continue to be considered for development.
    @Ronny: While this may be true for our Pro blocks, it is generally not the case for our Plus blocks.

  • Pepegarcia1907

    Will this feature be developed in the near future? Thanks

  • Thomas W.

    @Pepegarcia1907: This feature will not be developed in the foreseeable future.

  • Pd

    Hi Thomas / AppMachine,
    It has now been almost two years since the first request, and as I can see a lot of users are asking for this feature.
    Is it possible to prioritise this feature ?
    Or what is the reason for not developing this feature, many people are asking for ?

  • Nestorusa

    Para cuando esta importante función?

  • Ronny Bourgonje

    Would be a great feature to speed up app development.

  • Nicholas

    +1 On for feature. Please make this happen. This would make a big difference, take away a lot of errors when copying a block's functionality onto a different block with the same function but slightly different variables, speed up up app development, etc.

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