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Who owns the app?

You build the app, you add the content, and you’re responsible for that content. You submit the app under your own developer licenses for iOS and Google Play .

Using your own account allows you to charge money for the app.

AppMachine, however, will not provide you with the source code for the app as this is AppMachine's intellectual property.

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    So who owns it? I understand that I use my licenses so I assume I own it but Im still unsure of the answer.

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    Thomas Wielemaker

    So there are several angles that can be taken when someone asks, "Who owns the app?" We've tried to cover them in this little blurb as efficiently as possible. Ultimately the app exists of two parts: the source code used as the app's foundation and the content that you, the user, has added. The content that you have added is yours and we make no claims on that. This includes any photos, text, or data. The code that the app has been built with remains AppMachine's intellectual property. This means that you can't making any claims on that code.
    Questions of ownership also arise when people want to know where money for paid apps (apps that are sold in the stores for a fee) goes. AppMachine does not lay claim on any app revenue streams. This goes for products sold in the app, profits from selling the app in the app stores and, in the future, revenue streams from adding ads to the app.
    The apps are published under your iOS, and Google Play Developer licenses. You will be shown as being the developer in the app stores. This is another form of "ownership" often asked about.
    I hope this clears things up for you.

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    fleur vander laan

    And if you add any code to the app yourself, for example via a JavaScript block or a webservices block, you are the owner of that, not AppMachine.