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Are apps published on my own account or on AppMachine's?

You need to publish your app on your own account (or your customer's account*) in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Publishing apps to the Apple App Store requires an Apple developer license. This costs $99 per year.

A Google Play Developer license is $25 (one-time fee). 


* If you are building an app on behalf of a company, it is generally a good idea to have that company provide their own Google Play and iOS Developer licenses. 

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    Wolf Lewitz

    Hello, I made an App with your System (AppMashine), enrolled for on a monhly base, but it has some erotic parts, so Apple Store, GooglePlay und Windows does not publish it in theire stores. What can I do for my Customer?
    I Need at least one possibility to offer any kind of link where the Clients of my costomer can get that App downloaded or installed.. Otherwise the hole thing does not make sence. So please be so kind and give me an Idea how we can meet the interests of my customer.
    Please get back to me as soon as possible, i Need to find a solution for my customer. A Platform from where who ever wants to get that app .

    with best regards
    Wolf Lewitz