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  • Brandon Lemire

    This is not helpful as it does not provide useful tips to setting up a custom JavaScript call. Reviewing the process using the current release would be extremely helpful, considering the beginning of the tutorial is out of date.

  • Matthijs Koopman

    Hi Brandon,

    I'm sorry to hear this, could you please indicate what specific part of this tutorial is out of date? What issues are you running into?

  • Norman Russo

    I think he means that you should do more tutorials, even the small one, that explain different aspect of the same things, like "how to create an ajax call with Javascript AppMachine SDK" or "how to make a 'GoTo' link to navigate into the native app pages".

    This kind of tutorial are good to understand the very basic potential, we need more tutorials, covering a very large different situations, and this advise is for any aspect of the app. There should be someone that know/learn well AppMachine and that will make videos covering every part of this cool Service. Without it we can't really understand the real potential of all the blocks/stuff in it!

  • Scott30134

    Wholeheartedly agree with Norman. I've struggled and struggled. I have a business case, but I can't fully develop what I want to with AppMachine. Without better, more thorough, up to date, tutorials and/or training sessions, the potential is simply potential.

  • Matthijs Koopman

    Hi Norman and Scott,

    Thank you really much for your feedback. I do understand the request right now and we will come up with some more tutorials.
    When we have them ready I will update this post as well.

    In addition we have some SDK Reference available over here:

  • Tim

    How much access do I have to native functionality through the javascript block? Since literally NONE of your API based blocks work, I've began to teach myself to build apps on my own. I've been learning how to use the Ionic/Cordova framework and it's not much more complicated than appmachine, but they are free. Why should I continue to pay you guys $100's per month when none of the functionality actually works?

    Can I build blocks that will utilize a mobile devices native functionality like I would be able to with a Cordova plugin? What framework is appmachine built upon?

  • Arjen

    Hello Tim,

    Thanks for your message! I'm sorry to hear that you've been having some issues with API based blocks in our platform.

    I've created a ticket for you in our support desk. I'd like to find out what kind of issues you're experiencing and what we can do to improve our platform based on this. I'll await your reply! 


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