Open another Block when the User clicks a Button




  • Edwin

    How can I add an event has a button btnShowMeMore.Click generated Web services -> HTML

  • harrywildeboer

    When using a web service. The button will show depending on the content of a web service: <button name = "products" value = "{data: products}" height = "55" font size = "18" ​​Margin = "5" halign = "left" background image = "75062954-24c4-425f-8203-771985fdd7fe" backgroundImagePressed = "8a39b426-e500-400e-a3d1-d2b3ffef5e22" visible = "AM: HasValue ([{data: products}])"> </ button>

  • Scott McCoy

    When I get to step 14, I get a blank screen. What's wrong?

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