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Import Excel data into your app for the first time

In this How To we will guide you through the few simple steps to import an excel document into your app.


  • The Excel (or CSV) document you want to import in your app (max. 40 tabs, 10,000 rows, 150 columns and must be under 5MB)

How To

  1. Select the 'Content' tab.
  2. Click on the red '+ Add block' button.
  3. Select the 'Pro' tab.
  4. Select the 'Excel' building block.
  5. Click 'Add block'.
  6. Click 'Upload a new excel file' .
  7. You will be prompted to locate the Excel file on your computer, once you´ve selected the excel file AppMachine will automatically process the excel file for you.
    Tip: AppMachine besides Excel files you can also upload CSV, XML and JSON files.addblock5.png
  8. Select the worksheet you want to use.
    Tip: If you want to change names of the columns in your Excel file please review these tips for advanced users.
  9. Click ‘Next.
  10. Optionally upload an icon and give this new building block a name.
  11. Click ‘Finish’.
  12. You will see two new building blocks in your app
    The first one ‘Flowers’ will show a list with Flowers, and once the user taps on an item in the list the second ‘Info’  block will be shown. This is the screen with all the detailed information of one bouquet.

That’s it! Now you are done with importing your own Excel data into your app and you should be able to view the data in your app. Next you will need to specify a layout for this data, need help doing this? Please read the ‘Create a layout’ article.


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    How to make a call button from the list of Excel?

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    Sky Stephens Fernandez

    Talking about the excel files, I can have an image address from a Web page, text, values like prices, GPS address points, email addresses, phone number.
    How will need to write the values so the systems can recognize them easily?
    For example the GPS address.
    And what other information I can have?