Create a Facebook App ID + App Secret




  • Bastiaan Leideritz

    This information is outdated. Facebook updated the process.

  • Thomas W.

    Hi Bastiaan,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention! The article has been updated with the new steps for retrieving your Facebook App ID and App Secret.

  • Mohamed OUHAMMI

    thanks, very helpful tutorial

  • dudakingroots

    Vocês tem algum exemplo?

  • Miguel T.

    Olá dudakingroots,

    Você já viu a versão portuguesa deste artigo?

    Esse artigo mostra passo a passo com u exemplo como criar seu facebook app id + secret.

  • Christian Cub

    Do I need an Facebook-API and Twitter-API if I only want to show the Facebook-Timeline / Twitter-Account in the App?

  • Thomas W.

    We recommend that all apps that use the Facebook and Twitter blocks get these. It will increase stability of the loading of content in these blocks and allow users more interaction.

  • Rajeev Pande

    Step# 8 which seemed quite trivial and not mentioned elsewhere helped me. Great job, keep going !!

  • bam

    Please, I was confused about the term No-branded apps... imagine that I want to show in the app, the facebook of the soccer teams that I like - in that case, I still need to go through this process? Thank you.

  • Thomas W.

    @bam: Yes, you need to go through this process. Any Facebook user can request their own App ID. You don't need to be an administrator of the Facebook Page.

  • bam

    Tks Thomas - Just one last check... If I'm developing the App for another person, who should create It? Me or the other person who will own the App?

  • Thomas W.

    @bam: The developer can create the Facebook App ID.
    Please note that our service is licensed. You can't sell an entire app outright to another party (

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